Next Game

23rd / 24th October
  • Juniors
    • LL Tball Blue @ Rofe Park D4 @ 9.30am
    • LL Tball Pink @ Auluba D3 @ 10.30am
    • LL Zooka Blue @ Auluba D2 @ 8.00am
    • LL Zooka Red @ Auluba D2 @ 9.45am
    • LL Zooka White @ Auluba D2 @ 8.00am
    • LL Rookie Live @ Auluba D2 @ 11.30am
    • LL Majors @ ELS Hall Left @ 6.00pm
    • LL Juniors @ Magdala Park D1 @ 11.00am
    • LL Seniors @ Auluba D1 @ 8.00am

Next Game

24th / 25th October
  • Seniors
    • AB1 - Buckle @ Game Deferred
    • D2 - Sorrell @ Auluba @ 1.30pm
    • D1 - Paulson @ Auluba @ 3.45pm
    • G2 - McRae @ Flat Rock @ 1.30pm
    • G1 - Bridge @ Flat Rock @ 3.45pm

Next Game

26th October
  • Masters
    • Masters @ ELS Hall @ 8.45pm


Latest News

Junior Summer registrations are now OPEN

Summer registrations for Juniors are now OPEN. Senior teams are now full and Senior registration has been CLOSED. Please see our Register Now page for more information

Try Baseball

With the current restrictions on place it will be difficult for us to run our usual Try baseball weekends as we normally would. If you or anyone you know is interested in having a go please Click here to send us an email to organise to have a try in a smaller group with one of our amazing coaches.

Team contact details

For Junior opposition teams wishing to contact Kissing Point teams the details can be found here

  • Click here for KP Junior Team contact lists

  • For Junior KP teams wishing to contact the oppostion the link below will take you to the RHBL page with links to the clubs contacts. This list is not yet complete so when in doubt check the oppositions websites.

  • Click here for Oppositon Junior Team contact lists

  • For Senior teams both KP and opposition all contacts can be found on the PCBL JARO system via the following link

  • Click here for Senior Team contact lists

  • Kissing Point Baseball now has its own app