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The Seven Rules of Winning

  1. A winner always does their best.
    Things don't always go your way, but a winner knows that if they continue to do their best, everything will work out in their favour eventually. Only one team can win a particular game, when both are doing their best.  Regardless of the outcome of this particular game, if you did your best, you won!
  2. You're a winner if your team wins.
    Baseball is a team sport. If your team won, you won. Don't make things more complicated than that. Winners help those around them win, and they recognize that they couldn't have done it alone.
  3. Nobody wins all the time.
    Winning is the object of baseball, but nobody wins every game. In fact, losing occasionally makes winning all the more sweet. Winning wouldn't mean anything if  you never lost. So, just because you may lose on occasions doesn't mean you're not a winner.
  4. A winner always supports their team-mates.
    Everyone occasionally will make an honest mistake (even you!). A winner doesn't let it affect them in a negative way.  In fact, it's those very challenges that often separate winners from losers.  Winners always rise to the challenge, while losers let the challenges dictate their fate.
  5. Winners practice like they play.
    If you practice like you play, your best will become better. The purpose of practice is to turn good muscular performance into an unconscious natural reflex, to make doing it right a muscular memory. If you practice at half-speed, you'll play at half-speed. Practice perfectly, then play perfectly.
  6. Winners don't let their own mistakes get in their way.
    A wise man once said you're allowed one primal scream after making a mistake. Then you try to understand how to avoid making the same mistake again and you put it  behind you. Learn from your mistakes (even those that you sometimes repeat) and move on quickly. Even better, learn from the mistakes of others. That way you'll avoid the frustration of making the mistake yourself.
  7. The scoreboard does NOT decide if you're a winner.
    Your value to humankind is not determined by the numbers on the scoreboard, win or lose. All the scoreboard does is indicate who was better in a particular game on a particular day. Win with dignity, lose with dignity.

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