Next Game

25th / 26th May
  • Seniors
    • C1 - Boers @ Gannan Park @ 2.45
    • D2 - Sorrell @ Tregear Reserve @ 12.30
    • D1 - Blue Angels @ Tregear Reserve @ 2.45
    • F - Echidnas @ Majors Bay @ 2.45


Kissing Point Baseball Club (KPBC) has adopted the model Member Protection Policy for member clubs recommended and promoted by Ryde Hawks Baseball League Inc. (RHBL).

This MPP applies to and binds all members, players, elected office holders, officials, parents, spectators and volunteers of our club.

A full copy of the Member Protection Policy can be found here.

Contact details of KPBC's MPIO's can be found here on our contacts page.